Tested by thousands of hunters and dog handlers worldwide. The Siccaro drying coats are the most absorbent on the market. With the specially designed material, the dog's fur dries quickly and efficiently, and at the same time the blanket keeps the dog warm between the sessions or on the trip home in the car. A dry and warm dog lasts longer, so you get more out of the day with a reduced risk of injury.

the best coat for hunting

Spirit 2.0

Spirit 2.0 is a drying coat developed especially for hunting dogs and active dogs. The combination of a super-absorbent inner layer and a water-repellent outer layer makes it perfect for outdoor use in the wet autumn and winter months. After only 15 minutes, the dog's fur is dry, and the body is kept warm at the same time, so the risk of injury is reduced. Use it on hunts, when the dog sits and waits, while you take a lunch break or on the way back to the car. We guarantee that you will get a dry and warm dog home.

Available in a nice camo design and several sizes.

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The classic Siccaro drying coat

Supreme Pro

SupremePro is the original and best-known drying coat from Siccaro. With a super absorbent inner layer and an outer layer of bamboo viscose for extra absorbency, it dries the dog's fur in just 15 minutes and keeps muscles and joints warm during training and hunting.

Available in selected colors and several sizes.

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Siccaro Pro-tect vest Warming coatsSiccaro Pro-tect vest Warming coats

Pro·tect vest

699 kr
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Spirit 2.0 for training and hunting

Keeps the dog warm and dry

Take good care of your dog

With a Siccaro coat, you can easily keep the dog warm and dry both after a field test or hunt. Use it on a hunt or on the way home in the car after a hard and wet training day. By ensuring that the dog's body is warm and dry, the risk of damage to muscles and joints is reduced.

Hear for yourself what our customers from the hunter segment have to say about our products in the video below.

What the dog handlers say

New: Fleece coat

Siccaro Pro-tect vest Warming coats

Pro·tect vest

699 kr

Why use a drying coat when you go hunting?

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