Ultimate health for the active horse's legs: dries, cools, returns heat and protects the horse's legs using specially developed textiles.

Sahara multifunctional drying boots are a revolutionary product for horse care. Use the boots after washing the horse's legs for quick and effective drying, as well as preventing mud fever. Warm up muscles and increase blood circulation, protect against injury in the stable and during transport or to cool a sweaty horse after training.

  • Prevents mud fever and moisture in the codes
  • Prevents injuries after training
  • Reduces swelling around the leg
  • Makes the drying process more efficient by over 65%, so it only takes 1/3 of the normal drying time
  • Protects the horse's lower leg during transport
  • Removes the lactic acid after exercise that causes sore muscles
  • Contributes to the best horse well-being

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How do the gaiters work?

Siccaro Sahara multifunktionelle gamacher Horse products


Dry the horse's legs in just 15 minutes, and avoid having to wash again and again. Keep the horse healthy by preventing mold in the withers.

Attach the pad to the outer neoprene sleeve with the Velcro straps so that the soft terry surface faces the leg. Put the gaiter tightly around the leg and fasten with the outer velcro stops. Make sure the absorbent layer covers the knuckle and the top of the hoof. After 10-15 minutes the leg is dry.


Warm up muscles and tendons and increase blood circulation in the horse's legs to avoid injuries.

The Sahara gaiters work effectively both for drying and warming the legs. Remove the pad and place the black neoprene layer directly on the horse's leg. Fasten with the outer velcro straps. The outer layer uses Fir-Skin+T technology, which contains titanium particles that reflect heat.


Cool down the horse effectively after exercise and avoid overheating.

The damp gaiter can be put in a freezer for approx. 1 hour (depending on humidity/type of freezer). Make sure the pad is still flexible and not completely frozen when you take it out. Fasten the pad with the Velcro straps again. Put the gaiter on the horse and remove after approx. 15 minutes.


Protect the horse's legs from damage in the paddock, in the stable and during transport.

Attach the dry pad to the gaiter using the velcro straps and place it against the horse's leg with the outer velcro straps.

Siccaro Sahara multifunktionelle gamacher Horse products