NOTE: We can't send out packages between October 25th and November 2nd as we are moving to a new warehouse


Please note that we are not specialised in customs or taxation, so if you purchase from our store, we will not be able to assist you with these procedures. You are welcome to message us in the chat or at before your purchase to find out our recent recommendations.

We are a business based in Denmark/EU and we ship products from our Danish warehouse. We will include invoice with our shipments along with our business information.

Please note that when we receive returned goods at our warehouse, we are charged customs and processing fees. Therefore we charge a fee of 30EUR for processing a returned order if this order is sent from outside EU. The customer shall also pay the shipping expenses, unless specified otherwise. We will withhold applicable fees from the refund of your payment.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery is the charge for internet order processing, item selection, packaging, transport and handling. We don’t guarantee delivery times, but we do our best to provide accurate estimates. We ship from our partner warehouses in Denmark.

Deliveries occur only on weekdays. Shipping and Delivery charges are subject to change and are determined when you order. Estimated delivery time assumes orders are placed before 11:00 (CEST). Orders you place with Siccaro late on Friday or on Saturday will not be processed until Monday. Charges may be added to orders with Priority, Overnight and International shipping if we try unsuccessfully to deliver your order more than once.

The shipping rate quoted by the website is for information purposes and cannot be guaranteed by Siccaro since it is determined by the shipping carrier. Special rates may apply in case of certain territories. For instance, Islands and Highlands in the UK.

If you have questions about returning or exchanging products purchased in our webshop, please check the Return Policy