Tired of drying your dog with towels?


With our products, you achieve an effective drying time of 15-20 minutes and shorten the time your dog is wet and cold. Protects your dog and reduces odor. You can take the coat with you on the go and it can also be washed in the washing machine.

For all dog owners

Dry fur in record time

Our products are created to make life easier for all dog owners. With our drying coats, you have the world's most efficient way to dry your dog. No more towels, bad smells and a wet dog shaking water all over the place.

Our coats cover all needs. From the everyday situations where you have to bathe the dog to the hunting dog that requires protection when it moves through problematic terrain with a risk of wounds.

Did we mention that our drying coats dry your dog in approx. 15-20 minutes? All the while it can move around freely.

Saves time and reduces odor

Tired of wet towels?

Are you tired of drying your dog with a towel? With our drying coats, both you and your dog avoid the hassle of towels. Your dog dries faster, it can move freely, all while you achieve a much faster drying time and a more satisfactory result.

Our products contain bamboo that help reduce bad odor when your dog is wet, making them ideal whether you are at home or on the go. We promise that, for example, the drive home from a rainy trip will be a completely different experience with a Siccaro drying coat.

Take care of eachother

Quite simply

Our dogs are a constant source of joy, well-being and fresh air. Regardless of the weather. As much as they give us happiness, we think we should give back to our dogs. And we do that best by looking after each other.

Your dog is just as susceptible to the weather as you are. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to give your dog a long and happy life. Our drying coats reduce the time where your dog is wet and cold. As a dog owner, you have the opportunity to help prevent your dog from developing, for example, hotspots and arthritis.

We have products for all kinds of dogs. Regardless of whether your dog requires extra protection in connection with hunting, or you simply want to make bathing and wet walks a simple, fun and odor-free experience.

Still in doubt? Hear what customers say about our products.

What our customers say

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Siccaro Supreme 2.0 / 50 TørredragterSiccaro Supreme 2.0 / 50 Tørredragter

Supreme 2.0 / 50

1.099 kr
Siccaro Spirit 2.0 / 70 TørredragterSiccaro Spirit 2.0 / 70 Tørredragter

Spirit 2.0 / 70

1.199 kr

How it works

Special bamboo viscose

Maximum absorption

What makes our drying coats for dogs unique is our Wet2Dry technology, which is found in all our drying coats. Wet2Dry is the name of the super absorbent textile from which our drying robes are made. It mainly consists of bamboo viscose, which is fantastic at absorbing moisture and is a breathable and antibacterial material, which also reduces the smell of wet dog. Can you wish for more?


After use, you can wash the drying coat at 30 degrees Celsius and hang it to dry or tumble dry on low heat / short program. Most of our customers use their Siccaro drying robes for the dog 3-4 times before washing – depending on the length of the fur and the amount of water, of course.

Drying mats and dog blankets

Siccaro FlexDog Drying Mats / Special Drying Mats JetBlack/Sand/JetBlackSiccaro FlexDog Drying Mats / Special Drying Mats Granite/Zinfandel/Granite
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FlexDog tørremåtte / Special

999,04 kr 1.400 kr
Siccaro FlexDog Drying Mats / Mini Drying Mats Blue GraniteSiccaro FlexDog Drying Mats / Mini Drying Mats

FlexDog tørremåtte / Mini

899 kr
Siccaro FlexDog Drying Mats / 70x110 Drying MatsSiccaro FlexDog Drying Mats / 70x110 Drying Mats

FlexDog tørremåtte / 70x110

1.499 kr

Keep the dog dry and warm

Recommended by veterinarians

"Actually, I think all dog breeds benefit from a drying coat" - Marika Kristensen, Veterinarian at Ølby Animal Hospital

A drying coat is not only a great help in everyday life with a wet dog, but also an advantage for the dog's well-being. Several vets recommend Siccaro for water dogs and active dogs, as a dry and warm dog has less risk of being affected by, for example, skin diseases such as hotspots or muscle and joint damage as a result of an active life.

Now with more coverage of the hind legs

The ultimate drying coat

Siccaro Solution / Tørredragt til hunde Tørredragter