Buy 2 products from this selection to get a gift with your purchase with the code: CRAZYGAVE

For example, you can buy 2 SupremePro, 2 Flex mats or 1 SupremePro and 1 Flex mat, in order to redeem your gift.

You can choose between:

1. A BugBoost box with 12 energy bars (value DKK 50 each/total DKK 540)
2. A Recovery suit (value from DKK 600)
3. A set of DryGloves (value DKK 249)
4. An EasyTowel (value DKK 249)
5. A pair of Fir-Skin gloves (value DKK 299)

You put all 3 items in your basket, enter the code at checkout and the gift will automatically become free.