Siccaro introduces FlexDog MINI – the perfect dog mat for the car, office or holiday

photo: @cutecosmo_thecavalier

Our FlexDog drying mat has shrunk with the new mini model. The mini mat is 70x55 cm, which is half the size of the normal mat - or to put it another way, the mini mat is the same size as the normal mat when folded.

It has been a request from our customers that the FlexDog drying mat could be available in a smaller version. So it fits perfectly in the dog cage in the car without having to be folded and is more practical to take with you on holiday or in the office if you bring your dog to work.

Do you bring your dog to work?

Here during corona, the culture in many workplaces has been changing. Employees have gained more freedom under responsibility with home work, where they manage their own time and have more flexibility in everyday life.

This means that many dog owners work where the dog is. Or that in the future they might even take the dog to work. And why not? Dogs can strengthen unity in the workplace, reduce stress and make the day less hectic for both dog and owner, as the dog can regularly go out and pee. But when you take the dog to work, you should also make sure to make it a pleasant visit, for example with a good blanket, the favorite toy and a handful of delicious treats.

With our FlexDog mat, you can be sure that the dog will lie down safely and comfortably outside, just like at home. Read our 6 tips for when you bring your dog to work here.

Cavalier dog lies on a black Siccaro FlexDog mini drying mat

For the drive and with you on holiday

The FlexDog drying mat is also widely used in the back of the car as a dog blanket, which both protects the car from water and dirt and ensures the dog a comfortable surface on the drive. Our FlexDog dog mat is made with a shock-absorbing inner core so that the dog can lie comfortably even during a bumpy walk.

Is the dog going on holiday? Then you have to pack extra into the suitcase. The dog must have both a food and water bowl, plenty of treats, a leash or harness and, of course, his favorite toy and a good blanket to lie down and sleep on. Here, the Mini FlexDog mat makes life a little easier, as it barely takes up as much space as the large model, but still has the same exceptional drying ability and comfortable design.

If you need more advice for your holiday with a dog, you can read on here .

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