Four situations where a drying suit and drying mat are worth their weight in gold

With a Siccaro drying blanket comes many advantages that you as a dog owner can take advantage of. In addition to naturally being a more effective and easy solution for drying the dog's wet fur than with towels, Siccaro can be a great help both in the car, in the heat, in the bath and in small apartments.

Advantages in the car

Dogs have to go out every day - several times. They love to go for long walks and smell all the smells in the neighborhood. It also means that they don't necessarily always stick to the clean pavement, and that they are guaranteed to enjoy a walk by the beach or in the forest even more. However, it is easy to get wet and dirty in these places, and the dog will subsequently drag the litter into the car and into the home.

That's why we invented the Siccaro FlexMat drying mat, which is perfect for use in the car or as a drying mat at home. Leave the dog on the mat to dry during the drive home and avoid dirtying the car. At the same time, give the dog a dry suit and you will come home with a dry and happy dog.

Working spaniel drying at the back of the car between training sessions

Advantages in apartment

If you live in a small apartment, without the possibility of taking the dog outside to dry, the Siccaro drying blanket and drying mat can be a great help. Instead of locking the dog out of the rooms where its wet fur could stain furniture, it can be allowed to move freely in the apartment with its drying blanket on. The wet paws can be effectively dried with our smart DryGloves, and if the dog needs a place to dry, the Flex mat is perfect. It can be placed wherever you want - whether on the floor or on the sofa. Both the drying suit and the mat can also be dried in a tumble dryer if you do not have an outdoor space for drying.

Springer spaniel on sofa wearing a drying coat

Benefits in the bath

Bathing your dog can be quite a hassle. Not all dogs are equally enthusiastic about the shower, and in any case it will take time – and many, many towels – to dry their fur afterwards. But you don't have to bother with those towels at all when you have a Siccaro drying blanket for the dog. You bathe the dog as usual, let it shake off when you are finished, and then put on the drying suit. The dog can lie down warm and safe to dry, and after fifteen minutes most of the moisture has already disappeared.

Retriever drying in a coat after a bath

Benefits in the heat

The Siccaro drying mat is usually used to dry wet dogs, but it can actually also be used in the heat. If you need a quick and easy way to cool down your dog on a hot summer day, put the dry suit in a bucket of cold water and let it soak up the water. After this, you wring out the water and put the now cool, wet blanket on the sweaty dog. However, we recommend only doing this for a maximum of 30 minutes.

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