Why dry the horse's legs with drying gaiters and not a towel?

Washing the horse's legs regularly is important for the horse's health and well-being. It may be that you just quickly rinse them after training, when the horse is sweating, or after it has gone out on a muddy paddock. With clean legs, you also reduce the risk of mold on the legs, but this requires that the legs are also dried properly afterwards, so that the moisture does not irritate. Most riders dry the horse's legs with a lot of towels, but a smarter and more efficient method is to use drying gaiters.

You save a lot of time

By using drying leggings, you don't have to spend all your time rubbing with towels. After you have rinsed the legs and got the sweat and mud removed, you put the gaiters around the leg and can now spend the next 15-20 minutes on other tasks. The dry leggings effectively absorb water and moisture, so that after about fifteen minutes you can remove the leggings again and voila, your legs are clean and dry.

It's especially smart if you're busy, perhaps preparing for a convention. Instead of preparing everything the night before and waking up to new dirty legs anyway, you can wash and dry in the morning.

You avoid piles of smelly towels

With the drying gaiters, you avoid having to use many, many towels to dry the horse's legs with. Since the Siccaro Sahara drying leggings are also antibacterial, you also avoid the smell that comes from damp clothes. The leggings can be used for up to 6 legs before they lose their absorbency. You will thus get rid of a lot of smell and mess in the stable - and piles of towels that have to be thrown away for washing all the time.

You reduce the risk of mold

By using drying leggings, you are guaranteed effectively dried legs after washing. This means that you reduce the risk of the horse developing mold on the legs. Muck can come for several reasons, but one of these is that the horse's legs are wet or damp for a long time. It is therefore essential to get them dry quickly. This applies to both the short- and long-haired horses, and especially the white ones, which have a slightly greater risk of being affected by muck. The Sahara drying gaiters are so super-absorbent that they can easily cope with legs with extra long hooves too, although it may take 20-25 minutes instead of a quarter of an hour.

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