Why I have made a drying suit for dogs

Reason No. 1 My dog ​​is completely obsessed with water - so drying was almost her full-time job

My dog ​​Luna is a labradoodle. Her genes draw her towards the water, whether it's a lake or just a puddle she's spotted. After a trip in the lake or at the beach, she is dripping wet, and I have to use not just one, but many towels to rub her dry with before she can jump into the car. Therefore, I ended up driving around in a car full of clammy, wet and smelly towels. I would like to be apart of that!

Reason #2 I developed a type of fabric that was simply perfect for the job

In connection with another hair product that I have developed, I came up with the idea of ​​constructing a superabsorbent towel that could draw the moisture out of the hair in a short time, so that, among other things, you would not have to spend so much time blow-drying the hair. After about a year and a half of geeking out about fiber properties, textiles and weaving directions, I found the recipe for this super absorbent material, which we now call Wet2Dry. It was perfect for the job as it was both reusable, kept its original shape and didn't leave lint. Wet2Dry can absorb 11 times its own weight, but when it is quilted together with other textiles and sewn into suits, the absorbency is reduced to just over 7 times, as edging, buckles etc. do not absorb moisture. The textile was originally supposed to be used for the hair industry, as at the time I had a collaboration going on with an English hairdressing chain, but it ended up being for dogs, as a friend asked if she could get a few meters to dry her dogs with - and a whole new idea arose, which just worked beyond all expectations! This is how our effective Wet2Dry material came into being. But I wasn't done. In addition to the super absorbent non-woven viscose in the inner layer, I came up with bamboo for the outer layer. Bamboo is known for its antibacterial properties and in this way you could combine the incredible absorbency with reducing the sour smell of wet dog.

Reason no. 3 The dog's comfort and well-being is important to me

Just as we give our dogs the best food and a comfortable place to sleep, we also care about our dogs' comfort in other situations. If it is very cold, we try to give them extra warmth. We don't just let them freeze while wet. After all, we want them to remain healthy and happy. I do not insist on over-protecting our dogs from wind and weather (for example, I would never buy a rain jacket for my dog). But I think it is unnecessary and a shame for the dog to sit wet and freezing in a cold car for a long time. So if I can do anything to help my dog, I will

Reason no. 4 I'm one of those dog owners who can't stand the smell of dog - and certainly not wet dog!

We love our dogs, but that doesn't mean we have to love how they smell when they're wet. The drysuit helps with the smell of wet dog in two ways. Firstly, the smell is trapped when the drying blanket sits on the dog. Secondly, the dog dries quickly at the same time that the viscose prevents the bacteria from multiplying, which results in a strong reduction of the smell. It's a win-win situation!

Reason no. 5 I think that we as dog owners deserve quality products that make life with dogs easier

Whether it helps us save time, makes cleaning the dirt in the house and car easier or is good for the dog's health, well, if it makes life with a dog easier at all, then it should be a thing. We produce our products with an eye for high quality and long shelf life, because these are the kind of products we ourselves want to own. It is something you buy once and which lasts for many years. And after fantastic feedback from the many thousands of dog owners, both in Denmark and abroad, who have invested in a Siccaro drying suit, I dare say that we have hit the right spot.

Reason No. 6 Already after the first early tests, we knew that people loved our drying blankets

The very first feedback we received on our drying blankets made us absolutely sure that such a product was in demand and appreciated. We found customers from the entire spectrum of dog owners – from water therapy enthusiasts to owners of show dogs, from hunters and dog handlers to quite ordinary dog ​​owners. The Siccaro drying suits are loved by dog ​​owners in Denmark, but we also have many happy customers from Great Britain, South Korea, the USA, Germany and others. We are so grateful for all the enthusiasm we can read in our customers' reviews and for the amazing community we see both in the real world and on social media.

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If, after reading this, you feel that you also deserve a drysuit, I understand you. But we only make them for dogs - after all, they are the ones who need it the most ;)

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