What can dogs not tolerate eating?

You know how your dog looks up at you with doe eyes when you eat ice cream - and then you simply feel so bad for it that you give it a taste. But then you suddenly have doubts about whether it can withstand ice at all.

Although you may be tempted to feed your dog the same food that you eat, you should think twice. You cannot give it anything, as it is not everything your dog can tolerate.

But what can dogs not tolerate eating? We hear that question often. Most dog owners are concerned about what their dog can eat - and of course we understand that.

However, it can be difficult to find out what the dog can tolerate and what it cannot tolerate. That's why we've made it easy for you and reviewed the food products that most people have doubts about. Then you can always return to the guide if you have doubts about a food item at a later stage.

Can dogs have watermelon?

Watermelon is the epitome of summer and sun, and you can also share it with your dog. Dogs can tolerate watermelon, but there are several things you should be aware of before you stop feeding it. The dog can have problems with the seeds in the watermelon, as they can create a blockage in the intestine - especially in small dogs, where it does not take so many seeds to stop it.
Therefore, make sure to remove most of the seeds before offering the dog some of your watermelon. In addition, the green skin of the melon can also cause problems with vomiting and diarrhoea.

On the other hand, watermelon is a good way to get your dog hydrated on hot summer days, while also containing vitamins and minerals. So feel free to give the dog watermelon, but make sure it doesn't eat the seeds or the rind.

Dog lying down with bananas, watermelon, apples and strawberries in front of him

Can dogs tolerate grapes?

Grapes are one of those fruits that you absolutely must not give your dog. However, it is not clear why dogs cannot tolerate grapes. It is certain, however, that grapes can cause discomfort in the dog and, in the worst case, kidney failure.

In the same way, you must not give your dog raisins, which are dried grapes. Here the same toxins return and raisins can cause your dog to vomit and stomach ache - and of course you would prefer to avoid that.

Dog with grapes and prohibited sign in front

Can dogs tolerate bananas?

Banana is a fruit that comes up again and again when we talk about what dogs can tolerate eating. It also makes sense as it is a fruit you need to be aware of. However, your dog can easily eat bananas, and it is also healthy for him because they contain magnesium, which is good for your dog's bones, and vitamins, which are good for his immune system.

Dog eats banana

However, bananas also contain a very high content of sugar, which means that the dog can get an upset stomach and eventually become overweight from bananas in large quantities. Therefore, make sure to only give banana in small quantities. TIP: Since bananas are low in cholesterol, they are a good alternative to snacks. But just like with other snacks, it is important to give it in moderate quantities.

Can dogs have strawberries?

We are moving again into the fruit category, as fruit is often the thing that we have the most doubts about - and there is good reason for that. Because with us humans, fruit and vegetables always equate to health, but for dogs, it can be dangerous. However, strawberries are harmless and they can actually be a good alternative to the sugary banana.

Dog sniffing strawberries

Can dogs tolerate tomatoes?

The tomato is a classic example of a fruit that your dog cannot tolerate. They contain the substance solanine, which is toxic to dogs. However, the toxic substance is primarily found in the stem and green parts of the tomato and if it is not fully ripe. Dogs may therefore eat tomatoes as long as they are ripe and do not have any greens on them. But to be on the safe side, it might be a good idea not to give it tomato.

NOTE: Solanine is also found in raw potatoes, so here we face the same problem. You may, however, give the dog cooked potatoes, as the substance is only found in the raw ones.

Dog with tomato and onion with forbidden sign above

Can dogs have milk?

Dogs are welcome to taste milk or other foods made from milk products. But many dogs are lactose intolerant as they lack lactase. This means that they can get flatulence and nausea from eating dairy products. It is also in this food category that the ice cream comes into play again, since the typical waffle ice cream is made of milk products. So your dog can taste your ice cream, but be careful not to give it the whole ice cream, as it can cause discomfort for it.

Dogs can therefore tolerate milk in very small quantities, but make sure that your dog does not get too much.

Can dogs tolerate chocolate?

Most people know that dogs cannot tolerate chocolate, so avoid giving it to your dog - even if it looks at you with pleading eyes. But why can't dogs tolerate chocolate? Yes, it is because the chocolate contains the substance thebromine, which dogs absolutely cannot tolerate. It can make them seriously ill.

Also be aware that there is more thebromine in dark chocolate. So the darker the chocolate, the more dangerous the chocolate is for your dog. Then pack the chocolate away completely to a place where your dog can't get near it.

Can dogs tolerate almonds?

Much like with chocolate, nuts are absolutely not good for your dog. Almonds and nuts in general are healthy for us humans as they are full of antioxidants, vitamins and healthy fatty acids. But it's not like that for dogs. All types of nuts are poisonous to dogs – especially walnuts and macadamia nuts are dangerous. If dogs get nuts, it can lead to:

  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Paralysis
  • Bloody stools
  • Impaired liver function

Almonds also contain phosphorus, which is believed to cause bladder stones in your dog. However, nothing happens if it nibbles a single almond, but make sure to keep the snack bowl with nuts out of the dog's reach.

Can my dog ​​eat insects?

Perhaps you have experienced your dog snapping at flies when they buzz around his ears in the summer, or chasing spiders when they come crawling across the floor. But can dogs eat insects? The answer is, for the most part, yes, they can. A dog will not feel bad from eating a fly or a spider, but of course they should not try a bee or wasp, as they will quickly get stung.

In fact, insects are really healthy for both dogs and humans. They are bursting with good proteins and provide a boost of energy. It is, among other things, therefore we have developed an energy bar for dogs, called BugBoost , based on precisely insect protein from the fly Black soldier fly, or Black Soldier Fly in English. In addition to being a delicious snack for the dog, the BugBoost bar keeps the dog running well on an active day, for example hunting.

Dog eating treat

Other foods that your dog cannot tolerate

There are of course several foods that can be dangerous for your dog. We don't have space here to get around them all, but below we have made a list of other well-known foods that dogs cannot tolerate - so you might want to take a look at it.

Your dog can't stand it either:

  • Onions (can cause anemia and breathing problems)
  • Yeast dough (the yeast forms alcohol in the dog's stomach)
  • Avocado (contains the toxic substance persin)
  • Candies and chewing gum (contains the ingredient xylitol)
  • Caffeinated drinks (contain theobromine like chocolate

What should you do if the dog has eaten something it shouldn't?

Dog with grapes, tomatoes, onions and nuts in front of him and a forbidden sign above

If you think your dog has eaten any of the above items, there are several things you can do. First of all, of course, it is about which foods are involved. If it's one of those foods that's just bad to consume in large quantities, it's not so bad.

The greatest danger occurs if the dog has, for example, eaten chocolate or nuts in large quantities. Then you must call the vet immediately. The vet can help make the dog vomit. Here, it is important to react quickly. The sooner you can get it to vomit, the less likely it is to develop symptoms. And it should preferably be within 30 minutes after the dog has consumed the food.

If in doubt, stick to dog food

The best rule of thumb must be not to give the dog the food if you are in doubt as to whether it can tolerate it. It is better to be on the safe side. If you absolutely want to make the dog happy, then instead give it a healthy treat that you know it can tolerate or some rental clothes or accessories that it can enjoy.

Furthermore, no two dogs are the same and just like humans, there can be a difference between what you can tolerate and what you cannot tolerate eating. So keep an extra eye on your dog if he tries something new. In general, you can also keep the dog away from human food, which many actually recommend. Then you are at least completely sure that nothing will happen.

Now that we've gone through the list of foods, you should have learned even more about what dogs can't tolerate and what they can handle. Hopefully this will give you some peace of mind the next time you stand with the ice cream in your hand and consider giving the rest to your dog.

Please note that this is not medical advice, but based on our experience with dogs.

Below you can find a summary list of what the dog cannot tolerate.

Below you can find a summary list of the
which the dog cannot tolerate.

Foods that are dangerous in large quantities

Foods that are toxic to the dog

Banana Grapes
Strawberry Raisins
Watermelon Nuts
Milk Chocolate

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