Are you skeptical about our drying blankets? So was Anette. Read why she can no longer live without it.

Drying blankets for dogs are a fairly new invention for drying wet dogs. Most dog owners swear by towels or possibly blow dryers, as a slightly more drastic solution for very long-haired dogs. We know there are skeptics out there. You who think the solution you have now is good enough. You who do not believe that a drying blanket is worth the investment. And you who don't think dogs should wear any kind of clothes, no matter what.

This is the article for you. A story from a customer who, like you, was skeptical. With zero sales pitch from us - just the pure story.

In 2021 we held a competition on our Facebook where we wanted to hear from converted skeptics. Why were they skeptical? And what won them over? The winner was Anette Solgård Rasmussen from Kolding, who is the owner of the beautiful long-haired German shepherd Monique.

Long-haired German Shepherd dog

Monique is an 8 ½ year old German shepherd from Kennel Roager in Tønder. She is a sweet and very cuddly dog ​​who loves people and loves to be cuddled. She is always happy and looking for attention, a bit of a reassurance dog who finds peace with her owner. Anette tells, among other things, that you can touch Monique anywhere, even when there is something wrong with the skin, ears, eyes or something else. She trusts that her dog mother wants the best for her.

With a home in the countryside, Monique also gets plenty of exercise in beautiful surroundings.

"We live in the countryside, so it is wet and sometimes large areas of water when it rains." - Anette Solgård Rasmussen.

With a large grass field located almost in the backyard, there is plenty of opportunity for Monique to run and play – even in the mud! Therefore, Anette was also used to having to wipe her dog off many times after a wet walk. Wet long-haired German Shepherd dog out in an autumn forest

Before, towels were used, lots of towels. And according to Anette, it could take 24-30 hours before Monique's coat was properly dry. The worst part, however, was that Monique was often affected by hotspots when she was wet. A painful inflammation of the skin, which often occurs in damp fur. It could happen 2-3 times a year for the poor dog.

That was precisely why Anette's good friends Jill and Tommy thought of her when they got to know the Siccaro drying blankets.

"Our good friends Jill and Tommy have had dogs for many years and she is always on the beat to buy when she sees something new that is smart and maybe useful, and she thought it must be something for Monique our long-haired manager – and she was right.” - Anette Solgård Rasmussen

To begin with, Anette was quite skeptical. Could a blanket really dry so efficiently that several hours could be cut off the drying time? And so the dog also avoids hotspots? It sounded too good to be true. Too simple. And would Monique even enjoy having to wear such a piece of 'clothing'?

But Anette, despite her skepticism, tested it on a wet, cold day with lots of rain and mud - and had to see her doubts and fears put to shame. Monique was completely dry after only 1 hour and she loved getting the blanket on. Fortunately, she has also become free of hotspot.

"She felt safe, and I know, as cuddly as she is, that she thinks: Her mother dog, she wants the best for me, so that I don't get sores and hotspots. - Anette Solgård Rasmussen

Schäfer dog lies safely in its basket with the Siccaro SupremePro drying blanket on it

In addition to not being affected by the terrible skin problems anymore, Anette can also quickly get her wet and dirty dog ​​dried, so she can come into the living room in her basket and have fun with the family. As a bonus, the blanket also helps to create security and calm Monique for the New Year. She feels safe and hidden away in the suit, as if fear is removed. And the new Solution model went down just as well with Monique as the old SupremePro .

German shepherd dog wearing the Siccaro Solution drying mat

Anette has therefore gone from thinking that such a drying blanket was far too expensive and probably did not work as well as was promised, to now not wanting to do without it at all.

“It is a relatively expensive investment, but we have saved a lot of money for vet bills. So it has been a cheap investment. And it should not be washed after one use, it should be hung to dry and used several times.” - Anette Solgård Rasmussen

Anette would especially recommend a drying blanket for those who do not want the dog to lie down and get cold in wet weather and freezing weather, those with wet dogs who need to get into the car after a walk to avoid the smell of wet dog, and those who like will avoid infections in the skin of his water-loving dog. If you have older bitches, Anette also believes that keeping the dog dry and warm could be a good prevention for abdominal inflammation.

If you are interested in our drying blankets, you can see all models here , and see a guide on how to find the right size here .

German shepherd dog before and after picture. Wet dog vs. dry dog.

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