You are drying your wet dog incorrectly. Read why here.

Life as a dog owner comes with many joys, but also with a lot of tasks that can cause you, the dog and sometimes both of you a lot of trouble. This is especially true when it comes to the wet dog. Whether you and your dog have been out in the rain for a while, have come home from a swim at the beach or the dog has had a shower, it is necessary to dry the coat properly afterwards. Otherwise, you end up with a wet and smelly home, and a dog that takes hours to dry completely.

But how do you dry your dog? We're guessing you probably use towels. Some old cotton towel that has been hidden in the cupboard has been renamed a dog towel, and you spend both time and effort rubbing the dog's fur free of water.

Did we guess right? If so, then you are one of those who will have your world turned upside down!

The home smells and the laundry piles up - but here's how you can avoid it

If you always use towels to dry the dog with, then you also know very well how terrible they smell. The smell of wet dog is a characteristic musty and sour smell, which the dog cannot help. But by drying the dog with the towel, you only make the situation worse, as the stench spreads from the wet dog fur to the towel.

If you have a large dog, a very furry dog ​​or the dog is just really soaked, then a single towel is often not enough either. Therefore, you may end up having to use more towels before you even see an effect - and then you suddenly have a whole lot of extra laundry lying around, which spreads the sour smell.

But how do you dry the dog more effectively and without smell?

You may have already guessed it: With a drying blanket for the dog .

Aussie dog wearing the Siccaro Solution drying mat in front of Sorø lake

Instead of using countless towels, you only need one drying suit that fits your dog and covers all the furriest and wettest parts of the body. Our drying blankets are easy to put on the dog, can be adjusted with the straps and do all the drying work for you, so you don't have to stand and rub with towels.

With the innovative Wet2Dry viscose , Siccaro's drying suits ensure that the dog is effectively and quickly dried while reducing the smell of wet dogs. The material in all our drying blankets is made from fibers from bamboo, which is great for absorbing water and moisture, plus it is naturally antibacterial and deodorizing.

So instead of struggling to get the dog dry for half to full hours and ending up with a coat that is actually still wet but has simply stopped dripping, use a dog drying suit. The effect is much greater than with a normal towel, and most dogs are dry in just 15-20 minutes. And here we mean completely dry!

Don't let bath time be a struggle for you and the dog

Does your dog have extra energy after a bath? Does it rush around with gunpowder in the gullet from one end of the house to the other? And rubs his still wet fur against the sofa and blankets in his quest to get really dry?

Then your dog has what are called zoomies.

Zoomies are a shot of extra high energy that almost explodes from the dog and can make it mill around, run in circles and turn frantically around itself. This is often because the dog has built up a lot of energy, which it has not been able to get rid of before that time. For example, because it has had to stand completely still under the shower for fifteen minutes to half an hour. Bath time is also a stressful experience for many dogs, which only allows more nervous energy to build up in the body.

Wet Danish Spitz in the bath

Photo: @metterisager_familiefotograf

A drying blanket can also be helpful in this situation. The dog may still be running around the home, but every time it shakes, the water is held in and absorbed by the drying mat rather than by your walls. The dog may also still rub itself on the furniture, but again the moisture is simply rubbed into the blanket. So you can let the dog play as crazy as it wants without worry.

There are also several dogs that benefit greatly from another effect from the blanket. In contrast to the hyperactive zoomies, some dogs become completely relaxed and drowsy as soon as they put the drying blanket on. The embrace of the suit is like a soft blanket that provides security, warmth and lulls them to sleep. If your dog is often stressed after a bath, then using a drying blanket can be a big advantage in several ways.

Two cavalier dogs sleep wearing the Siccaro SupremePro dry suit

Photo: @cutecosmo_thecavalier

Being cold and wet can weaken the dog's health

It can be uncomfortable and harmful for dogs, just like for us humans, to be cold and wet for a long time. If you are very active with the dog in outdoor activities, for example for agility training or hunting, then you should take extra care of your dog. Prolonged stay in the cold can cause stiff and unmanageable joints and is uncomfortable for the dog. If it also rains, the whole affair will just be even more tedious for both you and the dog, and it will be difficult for the dog to get warm again quickly.

With a drying blanket, you are free from having towels with you on the trip, which will just stink up the whole car with wet dog. You will also be guaranteed a dry and warm dog much faster, and the dog can keep the blanket on all the while you are driving.

two spaniels wearing Siccaro SupremePro sit in the back of a car
Photo: @emmabearmanphotography / @gundogtales

In the winter, a cold car can be just as uncomfortable for the dog to sit and wait in as a hot car in the summer. If you often leave the dog alone in the car, perhaps while you go to lunch after the hunt or are just inside shopping on the way home from training, you can also feel more confident about your dog's well-being when it is wearing a dry suit, which keeps the body's core warm and dry.

Skin disorders are frequent in the summer – and thrive in a wet environment!

Two dogs play with each other in the waves on a beach

Contrary to the winter weather, summer can also cause problems despite the heat. You could be tempted to think that the dog will dry quickly in the sun's warm rays, but that is not always enough. At least not if your dog is prone to skin problems such as hotspots.

Hotspot is a typical summer ailment that mostly comes after the dog has been in the water. It is an acute inflammatory condition which is irritating and painful for the dog and can spread quickly to several places on the body. The inflammation is often seen on the head, neck and hips and comes after the dog has scratched a hole in the protective skin layer, for example due to irritation from salt water. It is therefore always a good idea to rinse the dog after a trip to the beach, just as it is important to get the fur properly dry afterwards.

And as we have stated several times in this article, the towel is far from the best way to dry your wet dog.

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