Therefore, you should not let your dog air dry

There are several good reasons not to let your dog air dry after a downpour or a walk at the beach. You could be tempted to think that it is the best and most natural thing for the dog to dry itself, but this can cause more problems for both dog and owner.

You avoid a lot of hassle

If the dog comes home wet, there is a high probability that both furniture, carpets and floors will be stained by the damp fur. You can of course leave the dog outside in the garden if the weather is good, but before it has time to dry in the sun, the wet fur will collect lots of dirt and grime. In the end, all that is dragged into the house and creates more cleaning for you.

Drying a cavalier king charles spaniel with a Siccaro drying coat

You avoid a knotted and smelly coat

If you let the dog dry on its own, it will not only take a lot longer, but also smell bad. And the smell of wet dog will settle in both car and house. In addition, it is not good for the dog's fur to air dry in this way. Especially not if the fur is long or thick. Naturally, it will take longer for some dogs to air dry than others, and if the moisture settles in their coat, it can often lead to a knotty and difficult coat. It not only looks ugly, but is also irritating for the dog – and in the worst case can lead to skin infections.

Working spaniel drying at the back of the car between training sessions

You prevent the dog from getting skin disorders

Some dog breeds, such as retrievers, have an incredibly dense undercoat that retains moisture. If the fur is not dried, the dog can therefore in some cases develop a form of acute local skin inflammation, also called a hot spot. The inflammation occurs if the dog scratches a hole due to irritation. For example, a trip to the beach, where the dog bathes in salt water, can dry out the skin and in response it itches.

Your dog will therefore benefit from being dried, and it will also save you a lot of cleaning. So why choose a drying blanket for the task? You can read more about that here:

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