Therefore, a dry suit is not 'just' dog clothes

When we humans put on a bathrobe, it is for self-indulgence, for the pleasant morning moments, for right after the bath or on the way home from a morning dip at the beach or lake. A drying blanket for the dog might be mistaken for a bathrobe, a dog bathrobe if you will, but our drying blankets are far more functional than that. Some dogs enjoy wearing the drysuit as if it were a bathrobe for the dog. They get sleepy and snuggle while lying down to dry. But the drying mat is designed to dry the dog quickly and efficiently, more than it is developed as clothing for the dog or accessories for the dog.

Avoid a freezing dog

Some dogs freeze very easily. It may be because they are small dogs or because they have short fur and thus easily freeze in the cold months. Here, a drying blanket can help with the heat. But in addition to warming as a dog bathrobe or dog jacket would, the dog's fur is also dried efficiently and quickly with a dog drying blanket on it. Our Spirit model also has a slightly more windproof outer layer than the other drysuits and is therefore quite good for dogs that are outdoors a lot.

Let the dog have fun

Many dogs love water and do not hesitate to jump in the blue wave when they go to the beach. But even those dogs that can't exactly be called water dogs occasionally have to take a bath or get wet during a walk in the rain. Therefore, all dogs can benefit from a dry suit. Instead of being chased out into the basket, the utility room or the hallway, let the dog come in and dry off in your cozy company. With a dry suit for the dog, rainy walks and swims only become more fun. Maybe you can even match – you with the bathrobe and the dog with the drying suit!

Dog in Siccaro Splash drying blanket sitting with its owner in matching bathrobe

Avoid the smell of wet dog

You also save yourself a lot of hassle with towels, which subsequently smell like wet dog and just pile up for more laundry. The Siccaro drying blankets have been developed with bamboo viscose, which with its antibacterial properties greatly reduces the smell of wet dog. You will thus have an easier everyday life when you can simply put a drying suit on the dog and let it dry by itself. You also don't get that effect with cheaper alternatives to dog drying blankets.

Wet dog shaking right up in his owner's face

Give your dog the best

We all want the best for our dogs. But do all dogs need special dog clothes? The short answer is: No. Some dogs need clothes because they are a certain breed that does not have enough fur to keep warm or because they live in a cold area. But a dry suit for the dog is not determined by whether your dog has a little or a lot of fur, is a large dog or a small dog. It is functional for all types and breeds of dog. If your dog has short fur, the drying mat can warm and dry. If your dog has long fur, the drying blanket can drastically reduce the drying time and prevent the dog from becoming cold and clammy from the moisture.

Several vets also recommend using drying blankets for dogs that are out a lot and get wet and cold. Drying the dog quickly and thoroughly can help reduce the risk of the skin disorder hotspot and contribute to maintaining normal function of the dog's muscles and joints.

Alaskan Malamute in the Siccaro SupremePro dry suit out in a field of yellow flowers

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