That's why a dry suit is good for you and your dog

Drying a cavalier king charles spaniel with a Siccaro drying coat

1. The Siccaro drying suit is good for both your dog and yourself

Let a Siccaro drying suit do the work for you, and get a dry and warm dog faster than if you dry the dog yourself with a towel. At the same time, the atmosphere in the car or home becomes more pleasant, as the antibacterial materials of the dry suit reduce the smell of 'wet dog'.

Springer spaniel on sofa wearing a drying coat

2. A 'quick-drying' dog is good for the dog, the home and the car

You are doing both the dog and yourself a favor by drying the dog after it has been in water or out walking in the rain. It is not healthy for a dog to be wet and cold for a long time. Therefore, it must be dried quickly. Most dog owners also prefer that the dog is dry when it has to enter the car or home after a walk in the wet element.

Amelia the cavalier At a cafe with Siccaro drying coat

3. A towel must be washed after use – the Siccaro drying suit must not

For many years, dog owners have used a towel to dry the dog. The problems with this are that you often need more towels and that they will smell and therefore have to be washed afterwards.

Smelling a dachshund in Splash drying coat

4. A towel smells after use – the Siccaro drying suit does not

It can be a greater benefit for dog owners - and the environment - to use a Siccaro drying suit, which sucks the water out of the fur and which does not need to be washed afterwards due to the antibacterial properties that the material in the suit contains.

Working spaniel drying at the back of the car between training sessions

5. The Siccaro drying suit dries a dog faster than it can on its own

Even if the dog shakes the wet coat to get the wet drops off, this does not make it completely dry and it can therefore get cold quickly. It is not good for a dog to be cold for a long period, especially because its joints can tend to gout more quickly. Therefore, a dog will generally last longer if you make sure to get its body and fur dry after it has been cold and wet.

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