The BugBoost insect protein bar for the active dog

Insects are the dog food of the future

All dogs need a healthy and nutritious diet. Typically, dog food is based on chicken, beef or other types of meat that help cover the dog's need for proteins.

But as we humans have started to think about alternative foods, there has also been a demand for alternative feed for our pets. By utilizing nutrients from insects, it is possible to give dogs the required amount of protein without using meat. In this connection, there is fortunately an easy, climate-friendly and delicious alternative protein solution in the small insects called Black Soldier Fly.

Is it good for dogs to eat insects?

Alaskan malamute dogs fed BugBoost bars

Active dogs such as hunting dogs, water rescue dogs or police dogs burn a lot of energy. A hunting dog, for example, can easily run over 25 km in just one day and therefore greatly enjoys an extra boost of energy without having to use a lot of resources to digest a large meal. A protein bar is therefore an easily accessible, healthy and delicious solution.

Several of our customers are hunters and dog handlers who train and work with very active dogs. Over time, we have received a number of requests for recommendations for a nutritious and energy-filled snack that could be given to the dog out in the field or during training. Because when dogs are fully focused on their tasks, it is not always certain that they notice if they are overexerting themselves. They may therefore need to refuel on the way - without having to interrupt the day's work.

Black Soldier Fly is the premier insect protein

But the perfect snack was not to be found, so at Siccaro we set out to develop it ourselves. We are very concerned with the sustainable and innovative, so it made sense for us to explore a new protein: the insect protein from Black Soldier Fly.

Protein from Black Soldier Fly is the leading insect protein with its many nutritious properties. In addition to having a drastically lower impact on the environment than protein from conventional agriculture, this protein also has an unmatched nutritional value that is approved by veterinarians and valued by animal feed manufacturers.

Labrador with BugBoost bar in mouth

The health of the dog and the health of the planet are not opposites

We chose to develop the new protein bar BugBoost with insect protein instead of conventional protein based on several considerations about health and climate. Protein from Black Soldier Fly is the leading insect protein, and with its many nutritional properties, it is approved by veterinarians and appreciated by pet food manufacturers.

The benefits of insect proteins:

  • The proteins are free of antibiotics and hormones

  • You need less water, electricity and less land for breeding insects

  • No conventional agriculture with poor animal welfare

  • No methane and CO2 from the animals – significantly lower CO2 footprint

With BugBoost, the dog gets a delicious, nutritious treat that boosts energy without compromising on the climate. Insect protein is a good alternative to protein sources from farm animals such as cattle, poultry and lamb, as it is precisely a source that is both good for the dog and for the planet.

Jutland collaboration adds algae to the list of ingredients

During development, we have also allied ourselves with a Jutland manufacturer of
fermented algae. Their experience with supplementing algae in the feed has shown fantastic results in the pig and poultry industry by improving the intestinal and immune systems of the animals. A healthy gut means more efficient digestion in humans as well as animals. And now the time has come to see if dogs can also benefit from the algae's strengths with the BugBoost bar.

You can find BugBoost here

NOTE: The bars must be stored in a refrigerator for optimal shelf life

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