6 ways to cool the dog down in the summer heat

Summer is upon us, and with the lovely long days and bright nights comes the heat. Most of us enjoy it to the fullest, but our four-legged friends are not always as enthusiastic. Unfortunately, our dogs can't just throw away the sweater or put on an airy dress, so you have to resort to other methods to help your best friend.

Therefore, in this blog post, we have collected 6 concrete methods that you can use to cool your dog down in the summer heat.

1. Let the dog bathe at the beach and lake

Three dogs of the Landseer breed sit by a lake wearing Siccaro Supreme Pro drying blankets

When summer brings the heat, most of us naturally head for the beach and the lake. A dip in the water is a good and effective way to cool down – and that also applies to our dogs! Keep in mind, however, that not all beaches allow dogs during the summer period. Therefore, it can be an advantage to look for secluded beaches or take a morning and evening dive when the beach is less populated.

After a trip in the water, you can quickly and efficiently dry the dog with a drying blanket when you get home. Then you avoid getting wet dirty floors, reduce the smell of wet dog in the home, and reduce the risk of your dog being affected by the hotspot, which often occurs in a wet and humid environment.

2. Have a swimming pool ready in the garden

As an alternative to the beach, you can also enjoy the summer in your own garden. But while you lie down soaking up the sun, make sure the dog can have a shady place to lie down and that it has access to cold water to drink. You can also advantageously set up a small swimming pool in the garden for the dog to cool off in. If you have a dog that is equipped with a lot of fur, for example a husky or Alaskan malamute, then you can also supplement the swimming pool with ice cubes for a extra cool sleeping area.

3. Give the dog frozen snacks

Summer time is ice time. There is nothing better than cooling down in the summer heat with a delicious ice cream - and why cheat your dog for a nice frozen snack? While you cool down with an ice cream, you can give your dog a delicious and healthy snack that you have frozen in advance. Use an ice cube tray or a form for pop-up ice cream and fill them with, for example, fruit and neutral yogurt, which you blend together into a mass. You can also use small pieces of meat or dog food that you freeze, but remember not to overfeed your dog with snacks. The frozen snacks are also a smart way to get more fluids into your dog in the summer.

If you are in doubt about which foods your dog can tolerate and cannot tolerate eating, you can read more in our blog post 'What dogs can't tolerate eating'

4. Use a drying blanket to cool the dog

A dog resting in the shade wearing a Siccaro Supreme Pro drying blanket used as a cooling blanket on a hot summer day

If your dog needs to cool down in a hurry, our drying blankets can actually also be used quite effectively. In addition to drying, the blankets can be used when wet to cool the dog. Since the drying blankets have such an effective absorbent capacity, they can hold a lot of water and act as a cold cloth that covers the dog's entire body. You simply soak the blanket in cold water and put it on the dog for approx. half an hour. However, do not leave it on for too long, as it may become hot to wear after the water has evaporated.

See a step by step guide and video on cooling the dog with the Siccaro blanket here .

5. Always take water with you on the walk – both for you and for the dog

The dog has to go out in all kinds of weather, but in the hot summer heat it can be a difficult and uncomfortable affair. Therefore, always make sure you have plenty of water with you for your dog when you go for a walk. Bring a small bowl or other container and a bottle of water for you and one for the dog. Also feel free to plan the walks so that you will walk in shady areas or pass a beach or lake where the dog can bathe.

Two Border Collie dogs sitting by a lake wearing Siccaro Supreme Pro drying blankets

6. Use a cooling mat for the dog

For extra cooling, you can also invest in a cooling mat for dogs that your dog can lie on. They usually contain a cooling gel or water and can be used both out in the garden or on trips in the car. Some mats cool down by themselves, while others need a trip to the fridge first.

We hope you could use these 6 tips to cool the dog down in the summer heat. If you are curious about what else you can use a dry suit for in the summer, read more here. If you are going on holiday with your dog, read our good advice and checklist for the trip here .

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