4 times when a wet dog is the last thing you need

We love dogs, even when they are wet. But there are just some situations where a wet dog really is the last thing you need!

1. When the dog comes out of the bath soaking wet and dripping

The dog also needs a bath once in a while. Some dogs more than others. And some maybe just because they've just rolled in a puddle of mud - or worse - on the walk. But after all the hassle of getting the dog into the shower cabin or into the bathtub, the next challenge comes: getting the dog dry again without messing up the whole home.

This is where a drying mat and a drying blanket come into play. With a drying mat you protect the floor against wet paw prints. The dog can sit comfortably and dry on the mat, which absorbs much more effectively than ordinary towels. And with a drying blanket on the dog, you protect the rest of the home - and yourself - against cascades of water. The dog can still shake, but the water remains inside the drying blanket. And your walls stay nice and white.

Some of our customers also report back to us that their dog becomes completely calm and relaxed by wearing the drying blanket. Then the drying process after the bath could hardly be easier!

Wet dog and dog with Siccaro drysuit on

2. When you live in a small apartment - and don't have access to a garden

Living with a dog in an apartment can be a challenge. There is often less space to do well with and no garden where the dog can just be let out. When the dog does not have access to a garden, it is important to go for some good walks during the day so that the dog does not become needy and so that it can burn off its energy outdoors instead of inside the home. But if the dog ends up wet on these trips, either because it's raining or because you have a water dog who just can't keep himself from splashing in the sea or lake every time you pass by, then you can end up with a lot drying work when you return home. That is why it is super smart to invest in a drying blanket and a drying mat for the dog.

When you have a drying blanket for the dog, you don't have to fumble around with a lot of towels when the dog comes home wet. You just put the drying blanket on and let the dog dry completely by itself in just 15-20 minutes. The Siccaro SupremePro drying blanket is made of our super absorbent Wet2Dry material , as well as an outer layer of bamboo viscose, which with its antibacterial properties reduces the smell of wet dog. So you avoid a lot of trouble and cleaning - and you can immediately cuddle with the dog again!

Our FlexDog drying mat is also worth its weight in gold in the apartment. Whether the dog comes home from a walk in pouring rain or has had a shower, the drying mat is the perfect place to lie down to dry. You manage to keep the dog's wet body in one place, and the dog gets a comfortable and soft place to lie, while the Wet2Dry material of the drying mat absorbs the moisture effectively. The FlexDog drying mat absorbs 7 times its own weight and can therefore hold a lot of water before it has to be washed. But don't worry, the outer layer, like the drying blanket, can easily be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees .

Labrador dog in bath with Siccaro SupremePro and FlexDog mat

3. When you have guests visiting

Our dogs are part of our families and we love them more than anything on earth. But this does not mean that all one's guests love dogs equally. It could be that you have a friend, a colleague, a neighbor or perhaps a date who does not have quite the same enthusiasm for your dog when it is wet - and smells like a wet dog does.

But instead of having to worry about the dog shaking and splashing your guest as soon as the coat is off, you just use the drying blanket. It's fast, easy and effective - without you having to lift a finger. Then you can also manage to go for a walk with the dog, just before you have guests, completely stress-free. And the dog can even be allowed to have a dip at the beach.

Border collie with Siccaro SupremePro drysuit on

4. When you have to return home after a trip to the beach

Most dogs love going to the beach - especially if they are allowed to swim. But even if the walk on the beach is super pleasant, the trip home is not always the coolest experience with a wet dog. If you are in a car, a wet dog can easily become troublesome. The dog shakes quite naturally and sprays the floor, windows and seats with seawater and wet sand. And then it is guaranteed to also smell like wet dog.

After a trip to the beach, the dog is guaranteed to be full of sand both under the belly and under the paws. With a drying mat like our FlexDog mat, you can prevent the dog's wet and dirty paws from scratching the car. And with both a drying blanket and a drying mat for the dog, you and the car are protected against extra cleaning. At the same time, the mat is comfortable for the dog to lie on, and with its shock-absorbing design, FlexDog is optimal for use during transport.

Theo Viszla on the beach wearing a Siccaro Spirit dry suit

As our drying blankets are developed with antibacterial viscose, they also have the fantastic property of reducing the smell of wet dog. A drive home with your wet dog therefore does not have to stink up the whole car. And when you get home, the dog can come in right away, as the fur, after a trip in a Siccaro drying blanket, is 90% dry in just 20 minutes.

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