4 ways to use the dog's dry suit and mat in the summer

It is not only in autumn debris and rain that a drying suit and drying mat for the dog is of great help. Because even if it's not raining, there is a good chance that the dog will get wet - whether it's to cool the dog, wash the fur after it's been dirty or just simply because it's fun!

Therefore, we have collected 4 situations where you can advantageously use the dog's drying suit and mat in the summer.

1. When the drying suit is used to cool the dog in hot weather

The Siccaro drying suits are mainly used for – yes, you guessed it – drying wet dogs. It can be after a downpour on the walk, a bath at home or a swim at the beach. But our blankets actually have another function on top. They can be used to cool the dog when it is hot. That idea actually originates from some of our first customers from the IWT national team, who in 2015 came up with making the drying blanket wet before putting it on their dogs.

The way it works is that you fill a bucket or tub with cold water and put the blanket in. Then the blanket soaks up the water just like it would on your wet dog. You wait 10-15 seconds before you pick it up and just twist it a bit so that the suit does not become too heavy on the dog. After this, you put the now soaked suit on the dog - and voila - you have a cooling suit! You can see a how-to video of the cooling process here .

A dog that cools down in the summer heat with a SupremePro drying blanket

How long the dog must keep the suit on depends on how wet the suit is and how hot the weather is. We recommend taking it off after 30 minutes so that the water does not have time to evaporate completely and make the suit dry and therefore too warm for the dog to wear.

2. When the drysuit is used after a trip to the beach

When summer finally arrives with high sun in a cloudless sky and delightfully warm temperatures, both people and dogs are drawn to the beach to cool off. Some dogs are real water dogs and bathe in the sea all year round, while other dogs stick to a fresh summer dip. However, they both need to dry afterwards, and not all dogs dry equally well exclusively in the sun's rays.

Some dogs need to dry quickly and efficiently because they are sensitive to getting hot spots. Hotspot is an inflammatory condition in the dog's skin, which most often occurs in the humid and hot spring and summer months. The condition is caused by irritation in the skin, which can come from the dog being wet and damp for too long. Retrievers in particular, who have a dense undercoat, may find it difficult to release the moisture on their own. And if the dog has been in salt water, the condition can worsen, as the salt water has a drying effect and irritates the skin. This then causes the dog to scratch more, which increases the risk of tears and wounds.

If your dog is not at risk of hotspot, a drying suit and drying mat can also just be a help to yourself after the trip to the beach. With the drying mat in the car and the drying suit on the dog, you prevent sand and water from clogging the car. And at the same time you prevent the smell of wet dog from spreading to all the passengers! Plus you get a dry dog ​​into the house when you get home.

A dog in the SupremePro drysuit on the beach

3. When you bring a drying suit and drying mat with you in the cottage

If you are going on summer holiday with the dog, there are several things you must remember to prepare and pack – two of them are the dog's drying suit and drying mat. Of course, a trip to the summer house comes with lots of beach trips and swimming days, and if you would prefer to avoid spending your holiday on a lot of cleaning, it is easy and convenient to dry the dog in its drying suit. With the drying mat and the drying suit at hand, you also avoid having to lug around a lot of extra dog towels - and since both the SupremePro, Solution and Spirit blankets can be used several times in a row, you don't have to wash after each use either!

The Smart drying suit is actually quite popular among our customers when they go on a trip to the beach or in the summer house, even if it needs to dry after 1-2 uses. That's because Smart is our light and more compact model, which doesn't take up much space in the suitcase or beach bag. And then it is less warm for the dog to wear in the sunny weather. Smart has the same absorbency, but less absorbent material than the other two. That is, it has the same quick effect, but can hold smaller amounts of water at a time. On the other hand, it can dry quite quickly in the sun on a hot summer day, so you can easily use it again relatively quickly.

See the Solution and Smart drysuits in action at Amager Hundestrand in the video here

You can read more good advice on how to go on holiday with your dog here , where we have also made a checklist of things you must remember to pack.

4. When you use the drying mat on the car journey

If you are traveling on holiday by car, our FlexDog drying mat is the perfect mat for the dog during the trip. It is comfortable for the dog to lie on, it is shock-absorbing, so bumps on the road cause as little trouble as possible, and it can easily be folded to a smaller or larger size depending on the size of the dog or the transport cage.

On a long car journey, it is important that the dog has a safe and comfortable place to lie down, so that it experiences the least possible stress and lies relaxed during the drive. It is also important that you remember to take short breaks to stretch your legs - for both people and dogs in the car! And if the dog is allowed to jump in the water during a break to cool off, the FlexDog mat naturally helps to dry the dog afterwards.

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