How to deal with shedding and keep your home clean as a dog owner

Do you often clean up after the dog or use a lint roller on all your clothes? Dog hair can be very difficult to get rid of - and there is often a lot of it. You probably know the feeling of looking down at yourself and thinking that you look like the hideous and hairy snowman, or that you vacuum day in and day out.

Although it would be great to get the dog to stop shedding completely, it is unfortunately not possible as it is part of its nature. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to manage dog hair and reduce shedding. In this article, we offer good tips and advice on how to get rid of the many dog ​​hairs.

Why is my dog ​​shedding?

First of all, it is important to state that it is completely natural for your dog to shed. Each and every hair has a certain lifespan and therefore falls out naturally after some time and is replaced by a new one.

It is said that dogs shed because they no longer need their fur. There are two times of the year when the shedding is bad. When the dog changes to summer fur and when it gets winter fur. However, most dogs shed most of the year. This is because they adapt to the temperature in the home.

Alaskan Malamute dog sits on a jetty while its owner dries its wet fur with Siccaro DryGloves

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If you would like to have a dog that does not shed at all - or sheds minimally - you must have a dog such as a poodle or a shih tzu. Both short-haired and long-haired dogs can shed a lot, but typically short-haired breeds will shed a little less, as the hairs of the long-haired breeds typically form knots if they are not brushed properly. If you have a dog that sheds a lot, luckily there is good advice on how to reduce shedding.

Good fur care makes a big difference

One of the most obvious places to put in to reduce the shedding of dog hair is fur care and brushing - especially before and during the shedding period. In this way, you catch all the loose hairs that otherwise just fall out randomly on the floor, on the sofa or elsewhere.

By brushing the dog's hair regularly, you stimulate the scalp and hair roots and create blood flow. This means that the hair falls out faster than usual. In this way, you can get the hairs in advance and to a large extent control when the dog sheds. This gives you a huge advantage in the fight against felling. It also means that you reduce the itching that the dog has when there are many loose hairs in the coat. If your dog scratches a lot and does not have fleas, loose hair could easily be the culprit.

Newfoundland dog wearing Siccaro SupremePro drysuit out in a forest by a lake

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It is about getting a grooming routine done as soon as you get your dog. Otherwise, it can quickly become a tedious experience for both you and the dog, as not all dogs find brushing equally cool. But it is not at all necessary to make it a servile thing. The fur care routine can become a pleasant routine for both of you if it is done properly. Therefore, make sure to make it a routine, already when your dog is a puppy, and create calm and coziness around it, so that it feels safe when brushing.

While grooming the fur, it can also be beneficial to spend some time checking the ears and paws. Then you can better keep an eye out if something is not as it should be. This ensures that your dog is healthy and fit. At the same time, you should check whether the fur looks shiny. The shine not only means that the dog looks good, but it also reveals how healthy your dog is. If the fur is lackluster and looks a bit dull, it could be because the dog has fleas or lacks vitamins, for example.

One of the very big reasons to brush the fur regularly is to avoid large tufts of matted fur. The longer the time between brushings, the more tufts the dog gets - and the more it sheds.

Tip: Take the brush with you on the walk and brush your dog outside to avoid dog hair at home. Then you kill two birds with one stone.

What tools should I use for brushing?

There is a sea of ​​different tools and brushes, and dogs require different grooming routines. But here comes our advice on how to brush your dog:

  1. Start by using a card that is made to remove the loose hairs. The card can also be used to remove dirt stuck in the coat. Start by brushing the dog's hind legs and back and work your way forward. Continue until the kart slides through the fur without difficulty.

  2. After using the card, you can use a comb that matches the length of the coat. Finally, leave the loose hairs in the comb as they help remove even more hair.

  3. Last but not least, you can finish brushing with a Furminator, which reduces tangled tufts in the undercoat. Then you are guaranteed a shiny and beautiful coat that sheds less. Make sure to brush in the direction of fur growth, and brush gently without pressing down on the brush along the way.

  4. In dogs with long fur, it can be advantageous to prevent shedding by brushing for a few minutes every day. That way you can remove all knots and dirt.

Wash the dog when the shedding period is at its peak

Danish Spitz's dog is in the bath

Photo: @metterisager_familiefotograf

Another thing that can reduce dog hair on the floor and in the furniture is to send your dog to the bath during the period when shedding is worst. That is, when it changes to summer or winter fur. You can of course also wash your dog at other times, but it is precisely during that period that you can remove the most loose hair. Be sure to comb the coat through before rinsing out the shampoo. This means that you can remove all the hairs that are already loose and which nevertheless fall out within a short time.

But you must be aware of using a proper shampoo that does not damage the skin's natural fat layer. There are several shampoos that can do that. For example, choose a soap-free shampoo that does not destroy the natural fat layer. Of course, this also applies to finding a shampoo that suits your dog breed, as the length and type of hair matters a lot when it comes to choosing a shampoo.

ATTENTION You must not use a shampoo intended for humans, as the dog's skin has a higher PH value than ours, and the shampoo therefore does not work properly.

Give your dog the right diet

The saying "You are what you eat" also applies to your dog. The diet has a big influence on how much your dog sheds. It is through the diet that the dog gets its nutrition and the building blocks for a healthy and fit body - including fur. It is important that your dog gets the right dog food, which is composed in the right way and is of good quality. After all, you don't want to bother eating poor quality food either. You should think the same when it comes to your dog's food. Therefore, familiarize yourself with which type of feed is best for your dog and the dog's coat.

Dog food against shedding

There is no anti-shedding dog food, but if your dog sheds a lot, the dog food can play an important role. Make sure your dog gets the right nutrition . You must choose some dog food that contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids so that the dog's coat and body remain healthy and strong. Often it is related to the quality of your dog food.

Consider nutritional supplements for your dog

If the coat looks dull, it may be because it lacks omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 not only contributes to a shiny and healthy coat. It also helps to reduce itching and stabilize the shedding process. There are therefore many benefits to giving your dog supplements with omega-3. Salmon oil in particular is full of omega-3 and helps to strengthen a weak coat. The fish oil also gives your dog a good immune system, just as we see it in humans.

Another dietary supplement that can help with shedding is vitamin B. It is available as capsules or as part of dog food. When trying supplements for dogs, it can take up to a month before you see results, so be patient.

Take your dog to the beach

three Landseer dogs sitting on a beach with the water in the background, they are all wearing three Siccaro SupremePro drysuits

Photo: @matiildapersson

This may sound like advice that has nothing to do with dog hair and shedding, but it actually does. Because if you take the dog to the beach and let him run and jump around in the waves, many of the dead hairs come off. However, you must ensure that you have the brush with you in your beach bag, so that you can remove the hairs after the swim.

Here it is also obvious to use a drying suit or atowel for dogs , so that you ensure that the water is absorbed. It is also smart if the dog has just come out of the water.

Buy easy-to-clean furniture

No matter how much you brush, shedding cannot be avoided. A good piece of advice for dog owners is therefore to choose furniture that can withstand a bit of everything. For example, choose a sofa in a hard-wearing and robust material that can withstand being vacuumed and cleaned often.

Speaking of easy-to-clean furniture, it may also be a good idea to avoid carpets. Dog hair can get stuck in them and it is difficult to get them completely clean.
If you want to completely avoid dog hair on the sofa and bed, make sure you set boundaries for the dog already as a puppy. Once it knows that it must lie on the sofa, it is almost impossible to get rid of the habit again. So start early.

And last but not least, always have a lint roller handy. When you have guests in the house or just want to avoid looking like a wandering furry animal, it's always smart to have a lint roller lying around. Then at least the many dog ​​hairs won't get on your guests or your nice, new dress.

Go to the vet if your dog sheds more than usual

Be aware that if your dog sheds more than usual, it may be a sign of illness. Or maybe it sheds more than usual, or gets bald patches. This can be due to skin or organ diseases or stress, among other things. Dogs, like people, can be stressed and lose their hair in this connection.

Therefore, be sure to contact a veterinarian if this is the case. Then your dog can be checked properly and you are sure that there is nothing wrong.

We hope that our guide has given you a good insight into what you can do to reduce dog hair on the floor and keep the house clean. Try it out and see if it makes a difference for you.

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