6 tips for when the dog comes to work

photo: @junior_the_copenhagen_lab

It just gives something extra to have the dog by one's side - also at work. Dogs can boost morale in the workplace and it is well known that they lower our stress levels. Dogs can also act as ice breakers that make it easier to open a conversation with others and get to know them better, and your dog helps to ensure that you get fresh air during the breaks.

So you have to go back to the office and all the colleagues, but do you dream of bringing the dog along too? Then we have a few tips that might help with planning.

1. Check with the boss and colleagues first

Before you take the dog with you to work, you should of course first discuss it with the boss and get permission to do so. But it is also important to ask your colleagues if they mind the dog coming along. It could be that someone was allergic to or afraid of dogs.

2. Check that your workplace is safe for the dog

Before the dog comes along, you should check the workplace for possible dangers for your dog. For example, it could be plants that are poisonous to dogs or loose wires that the dog can trip over. Also make sure that the dog cannot slip out of there and stay away.

3. Bring the right equipment for the dog

You must of course have the right equipment for the dog. Where before it would spend much of its time sleeping in its basket or on its dog mat at home, it must have a good alternative to lie on with you in the office.

The Siccaro FlexDog dog mat is a good choice for a comfortable place to lie down, which with its shock-absorbing core provides good support. It is also available in a new mini model , which takes up less space and is easy to take with you. In addition, the FlexDog mat is also a drying mat for the dog, which absorbs the moisture from the fur quickly, while the dog rests after a walk in the rain. Also always bring a dog bowl so that your dog has access to fresh water throughout the day, and have a handful of treats with you for walks.

Should it end up raining on one of the walks, one of our drying blankets can also be of great help. With the super-absorbent Wet2Dry viscose, the dog will be dry in just 20 minutes, and the material is also antibacterial and odor-reducing, so you will get rid of the smell of wet dog in the office.

Alaskan Malamute dog sleeps wearing Siccaro SupremePro dry suit

4. Give the dog time to adjust to the surroundings

When the dog is introduced to a new place, it may well take time for it to feel completely safe and relaxed. Give the dog the time it needs. Show it around the office and let the dog greet the other people it now has to share a room with. Once the dog feels safe, it will be easier to relax and let you concentrate on your work.

5. Make a schedule for walks

An advantage of having the dog with you at work is that you can plan small walks during your working hours. If the dog is at home, it only comes out when you get home late in the day, so feel free to take advantage of your breaks to also give the dog a pee. To prevent the dog from whining and nagging about walks, it may be a good idea to plan your walks so that they take place at approximately the same time every day. Then the dog quickly learns what to expect, and you can avoid disturbances in the middle of the work.

Dog wearing the Siccaro Smart drying blanket in Jet Black out for a walk in the park with its owner

6. Bring any toys and snacks

In addition to a dog blanket to lie on and a water bowl to drink from, you can also bring the dog's toys or snacks. Some dogs find comfort in a particular stuffed animal or chew toy that they recognize from home. In addition, they can be used to activate the dog if it seems restless, but it is not yet time for a walk.

Snacks for the dog are always good to have on hand. Especially at the beginning, treats for the dog can be a way to train it for life in the workplace. Give the dog plenty of praise and a few treats when he comes in and greets nicely and when he lies down nicely on the mat - and always have treats ready for the walks.

Good luck with that!

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